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Important announcement about the HP Trustee Board

The terms of office for all three Member Nominated Trustee Directors (MNTDs) ended on November 1 2022 and nominations were requested for candidates to fill these positions. The Board is delighted that Phil Lawman, Beverly Clements and Philip French all chose to re-apply for a further term and were selected to fill the vacancies for a further three-year period.

Phil was appointed as an MNTD of the Plan in October 2011, re-appointed in 2016, and 2019 and has been Chair of the Operations Sub-Committee since 2018. He worked for 34 years within the I.T industry which included working for Hewlett Packard Limited until January 2011.

Beverly worked at Hewlett Packard for 27 years in a variety of roles, from an Analyst to her final role as a Finance/Project Director. In her years as an MNTD she has gained a PMI Award in Pension Trusteeship and has contributed significantly to a range of complex Trustee projects.

Philip worked, as a Senior Consultant, for Hewlett Packard Consulting from 1996 to 1999 and as the Practice Manager for electronic messaging. He has significant experience operating in senior-level board and committee settings and in supplier relationship management.

We’re also very pleased to announce that, due to work-load and the amount of upcoming projects, the Trustee, with agreement from the Company, decided to appoint an additional MNTD, Philippa Oram.

The Board would like to thank all those members who put themselves forward for the vacant positions and congratulate Phil, Beverly and Philip on their re-appointment and Philippa on her appointment.

The Board is made up of the following Trustee Directors:

Company nominated

  • Paul Early (Chair)
  • Jonathan Lord
  • Gill Manning
  • Keith Norrington
  • Martin Smith

Member nominated

  • Beverly Clements
  • Philip French
  • Phil Lawman
  • Philippa Oram