The terms of office for all three Member Nominated Trustee Directors (MNTDs) ended in October 2019 and nominations were requested for candidates to fill these positions. The Board is delighted that Phil Lawman chose to re-apply for a third term, he first joined the Board in 2011, and he was selected to fill one of the vacancies. From the other nominations received, Beverly Clements and Philip French were selected and formally joined the Board on 1 November 2019. The Board would like to thank all those members who put themselves forward for the vacant positions and congratulate Phil on his reappointment as well as welcome Beverly and Philip. 

There have been several other changes to the Trustee Board over the past couple of months. Firstly, Andrew Dodd confirmed to the Board his decision to stand down as Chair of the Board. Paul Early (one of the three  MNTDs  whose term of office was ending) was selected to replace Andrew as Chair, and invited to become a Company appointed Trustee. There was also a further vacancy for a Company appointed Trustee and Martin Smith (also one of the three MNTDs whose term of office ended) was invited to fill this vacancy. 

Andrew has been a Trustee Director since November 1997 and assumed the role of Chair in November 2017. The Board would like to thank Andrew for all his hard word over the last two years as Chair.

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