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AROM – currently unavailable

You’ve arrived at this page as you’ve tried to connect to the Aon Retirement Options Modelling (AROM) tool.

We’re sorry to advise that the AROM tool is currently unavailable and will be for the foreseeable future.

Approaching retirement is an exciting time, however there are some key financial decisions you need to make.

Financial advice

To support you with your decision, the Trustee has provided you with access to one, paid for financial advice session, provided by a firm of Financial Advisers called Origen Financial Services. Find out more about this advice option and when might be the best time to use it.

There are various other channels you can use to find out more information about the benefits payable to you:


You can see how much pension you’ve built up in the Plan by logging into My Pension – your online pension account. Here, you’ll also be able to process indicative pension quote(s) to see how much your pension may be if you take it at different dates.

Plan website

The My Benefits page provides you with an overview of all your options and links to other useful information.

Benefit Statement

If you’re a deferred member aged 55 or over, you may have recently received a Deferred Benefit Statement showing you:

  • Your Plan pension if you choose to start receiving this now;
  • What your Plan pension would be if you choose to defer this to a later date (normally at the earliest date you can take it without it being reduced for early payment); and
  • An estimate of your current transfer value. This is the value if you’re considering transferring your benefits out of the Plan, which may provide you with different options at retirement.

Retirement pack

If you’ve requested or received a retirement pack, it will provide details about the benefits payable to you, your options on how you might like to take your pension from the Plan and forms to complete if you’d like to start the retirement process.