SolarWinds, an IT firm based in the US, announced last month that it was the victim of a cyber-attack which went undetected for some months and spread to its clients. Hackers, reported to be from Russia, added malicious code into the company's Orion software system and were able to spy on US government and private organisations.

While EQ does use some SolarWinds software, we do not make use of the versions in scope of the hack. We have been monitoring the situation, taking suitable precautions since this hack was first revealed before Christmas, scrutinising the officially published indications of abuse and have not found any signs of any such an attack attempted on EQ thus far.

EQ subscribe to and monitor various threat intelligence feeds and services that notify us of trends in targeted attacks. We will continue to be vigilant on behalf of our clients and the services we provide.

From the Team at Equiniti