Transferring your Benefits into the HP Plan (TVIN)

As an active member of the Plan, you may consider transferring previous benefits from other arrangements into the Plan. Please note this would only be done so on a money purchase basis, and your new benefits would be invested in a group Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) Policy with Legal & General (L&G).

If you have opted out of the HP Plan and joined the HP Investment Scheme (HPIS) you may transfer your HPIS funds to the HP Plan when taking retirement benefits. Please contact The Administration Team if this applies to you.

To investigate the possibility of a transfer in please contact The Administration Team.

The Administration Team will contact your previous Scheme’s administrators and send you any forms that they need completed, together with an L&G investment form for you to indicate how you would like you transfer in invested.

Should you wish to go ahead with the transfer, complete and return all the forms as requested.

The Administration Team will acknowledge receipt, and request the transfer value from the previous Scheme.

On receipt of the transfer value, the monies will be invested with L&G in line with your instructions. You will be notified when the transfer-in process has been completed.

We are unable to offer you financial advice
We recommend you contact an Independent Financial Advisor if you do need advice.