These processes apply to English Divorce Law only. For Scottish divorces, please confirm the dates of both marriage and separation.

If you need to consider a “pension sharing order” as part of your divorce settlement either you or your solicitor should contact the Administration Team, the Plan Administrator to request a Cash Equivalent Transfer Value (CETV). N.B If you are already receiving your pension and require a CETV, an upfront charge of £960.00 is payable.

The Administration Team will send you a CETV statement confirming the process and charges payable.

If you wish to proceed, please send us the draft Court Order and Annex for comment prior to going to Court.

Once finalised, and the Court Order and Annex have been ratified, please send to the Administration Team to process, together with any other requested documentation and fees.

Your CETV will be recalculated to ensure it reflects the current value and the applicable amount will be paid to your ex-spouse’s pension arrangement. External transfers only are permitted under the Rules of the HP Plan.

Your benefits in the Plan will then be adjusted to reflect this order and you will be sent a revised statement reflecting your remaining benefits within the HP Plan.

The factors used to calculate CETVs are updated on a quarterly basis. For more information click here.